Divorce in San Diego

Choose an easy-to-use online service to prepare documents for an uncontested San Diego County divorce. Get all the forms relevant to your case from the comfort of your home.

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File for Divorce in San Diego in 3 Easy Steps

Lawyers are rarely associated with getting a cheap and fast divorce in San Diego, and for a good reason. If your divorce is uncontested, you can avoid unnecessary spending on legal representation by using our reliable online document preparation service. Our software will choose and complete the necessary paperwork for your case, helping you prepare for your marriage dissolution in record time.


Follow these three steps to make filing for divorce in San Diego an easy and stressless procedure:


Complete a comprehensive questionnaire. Answer all the relevant questions needed to fill out your divorce paperwork and submit your answers.


Download and print all the filled-out forms. Check the filing instructions included in the package to see which forms to sign and notarize.


File the documents with the clerk’s office. Follow the steps in the filing guide to successfully finish the divorce process.

Complete San Diego Divorce Papers Online

Complete San Diego Divorce Papers Online

During the pre-filing stage of divorce, couples should complete all the necessary documents. The forms may vary depending on each specific situation, and it may be challenging to find out which ones are required for your case. Besides, it is essential to avoid mistakes while preparing San Diego divorce paperwork. The spouses who file for an uncontested dissolution of marriage without a lawyer should remember that even a slight inaccuracy in their documents may cause delays in the divorce process, increase the price of divorce, or even turn an uncontested case into a contested one.

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That is why it is best to entrust the preparation of divorce papers in San Diego to a reliable online service with hundreds of positive reviews. Forget about the stress of choosing and filling in all the documents by yourself. Complete our online questionnaire and get up-to-date court-approved forms relevant to your case.

The initial San Diego divorce forms include, but are not limited, to:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (form Fl-100);
  • Summons (form FL-110);
  • Income and Expense Declaration (form FL-150)
  • Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody, Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (form FL-105) –for couples with children under 18 years old.
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How to Get an Uncontested Divorce in San Diego?

Before starting a divorce process in San Diego, spouses must check if they meet the residency requirements. It means that either of the spouses must have been a resident of California for the last 6 months and have been living in the county where a divorce is initiated for 3 months before filing the Petition.

If these requirements are met, spouses should follow the specified steps to file for divorce in San Diego:

1. Choose the ground for divorce in San Diego

Choose the ground for divorce. The most common basis for an uncontested no-fault divorce in California is “irreconcilable differences.”

2. Complete the questionnaire online

Complete the questionnaire online and get all the necessary forms filled out and uploaded to your account by our online service.


3. File the paperwork with the clerk's office

File the paperwork with the clerk’s office and pay the filing fees.


4. Serve the other spouse with copies

Serve the other spouse with copies of filed documents, including Petition and Summons. The service process should be completed by a legal adult not involved in your case. You can use the local sheriff or process server’s assistance or simply ask your friend or relative to do it.

5. File the Proof of Service of Summons

File the Proof of Service of Summons with the court. It should be filled out by the person who completed the service to show to the court that you have complied with the due legal process.


6. Wait for the respondent to file the Response

Wait for the respondent to file the Response to the Petition. It should be done within a 30-day period after the service process. Once the Response is filed with the court, the respondent should also notify the petitioner.

7. Complete the disclosure process

Complete the disclosure process. Even if the spouses have reached an agreement regarding the property division, they still have to exchange documents where they list all the assets, debts, and property they possess. Financial disclosure should be done within 60 days after the original Petition was filed with the court.  

8. Sign the Settlement Agreement

Sign the Settlement Agreement. It should include information on spousal support, property division, child custody and support, and visitation rights, as it will be later incorporated into the Final Judgment. 

9. Get a divorce in San Diego CA

Get a divorce in San Diego. Once the judge reviews your case and signs the Final Judgment, you and your spouse will be mailed the copies. After that, complete or waive the final disclosure.


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Where to File for Divorce in San Diego?

The original documents must be filed by the petitioner in their county of residence. There are several courthouses in San Diego, and their jurisdiction is limited by the zip code of the petitioner. You may check the full addresses of courthouses here or on the Superior Court of California website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An uncontested divorce in San Diego takes a minimum of six months due to a mandatory waiting period. However, it may take longer due to the busy court schedule.

To file for divorce in San Diego, you will have to pay $435 in court fees. It is possible to ask for a waiver in case of a low income.

You are not required to be legally separated before filing for a divorce in California.