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One-Day Divorce in San Diego

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One-day divorce in San Diego has been available for county residents since 2014. Its aim is to facilitate the procedure of finalizing a divorce for couples who meet specific criteria. It doesn’t, however, mean that spouses who have just filed the documents for marriage dissolution will get a same-day divorce in California.

Let’s take a closer look at the requirements to qualify for a one-day divorce in San Diego:

  • A minimum of 6 months have passed since spouses filed for divorce;
  • Neither of the spouses is represented by a lawyer;
  • The petitioner has served the respondent with the Petition and Summons;
  • The Response or a Proof of Service of Summons has been filed with the court;
  • Both spouses have reached an agreement on issues like assets, debts, and property division, spousal support and alimony, and parenting plan and custody for couples who have minor children under 18.

The spouses should understand that all the points of the settlement agreement will be included in the final judgment, and some of them will be hard or impossible to change later. Therefore, if any of the parties has doubts regarding certain aspects of such an agreement, it is best to take time to contemplate the decision rather than divorce in one day. Once you are sure about the things you settled on, you will be able to schedule an uncontested divorce hearing in San Diego for a later time.

If spouses meet one-day divorce requirements and are ready to finalize the divorce, they can get a court appointment with a family law expert. This will allow the parties to check the terms of the previously reached agreement and fill in the necessary forms. The judge will review the paperwork and, if everything is correct, sign the final judgment the same day.

To sum up, the main advantage of a one-day divorce program is that it fastens the divorce process in uncontested cases, which may otherwise take much more than six months, especially for spouses without legal representation.