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Cheap Divorce in San Diego

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Divorce prices in California depend on many factors. The average cost of divorce without children is $17,500, while cases with minor children may cost $23,300 and more. The price range varies significantly for contested and uncontested divorces.

An uncontested dissolution of marriage is possible when spouses reach a mutual agreement regarding divorce-related issues, like property and debts division, child custody and support, etc. The cost of uncontested divorce in California is usually much lower than that of contested cases. However, if spouses decide to hire an attorney to guide them through a divorce process or prepare the forms and complete the filing, the price increases and can reach $5,000.

Couples searching for an inexpensive divorce in San Diego should consider a DIY dissolution of marriage. This option makes it possible to avoid expenses on the lawyer’s assistance which usually constitute the major part of the total divorce price. On the other hand, spouses who represent themselves in court pro se can face difficulties finding and completing all the necessary forms in the pre-filing stage of divorce. Using a reliable online service for preparing the paperwork is a great solution for spouses who would like to get accurate filled-out forms for their case at an affordable price. 

Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce Packages

Online divorce with no children

Choose a low-cost flat fee package that includes all the forms relevant to your specific case. Comprehensive filing instructions and 24/7 support are included.

Online divorce with children

Get a special package of forms for couples with minor children for a fixed price. Receive step-by-step filing instructions and round-the-clock customer support.

Installment plan

Select the package with partial payments for your convenience. Get access to the questionnaire after the deposit. No hidden fees.

Affordable San Diego Divorce Online

If a couple qualifies for an uncontested divorce in California, it is possible to get a simple and cheap divorce in San Diego. A wise decision would be to order the preparation of divorce documents from a reliable online service.

Here are the main advantages of ordering online paperwork help in San Diego:

  • Affordable price. Get a flat-rate divorce help, paying a fixed price of $199 for document preparation services and don’t worry about unexpected expenses.
  • Easy-to-use website. Complete the registration on the website from the comfort of your home and get access to a comprehensive questionnaire. Provide all the required information and expect your forms to be ready within 5 days. Once you receive the files, review the information, print, sign, and file the documents with the court.
  • Time-saving process. You don’t have to spend much time analyzing what forms you need to end your marriage. Getting the forms online improves your chances of obtaining a fast divorce in San Diego.
  • Complementary filing instructions. You will receive step-by-step filing instructions together with the paperwork that will make it easy for you to proceed with a divorce. 
  • 24/7 customer support. In case you have any questions about the registration process or the work of our services, don’t hesitate to contact our support team, which is available day and night.
  • Accurate and trustworthy service. Hundreds of positive reviews from people who have already used our services prove the reliability of our online divorce assistance.  
  • Stress-free process of preparing the documents. During an uneasy and stressful period of divorce, it is a good idea to entrust the process of completing the divorce paperwork to a professional and reliable service.