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Divorce Courts in San Diego

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To officially start the divorce process, a person initiating the divorce should submit the original petition and other documents to the court. There are several courthouses where to file for divorce in San Diego, and the one that will handle your case will depend on your address. Therefore, it is recommended to check the petitioner’s zip code in advance to choose the necessary San Diego divorce court. If one goes to the wrong courthouse, their documents will not be accepted, resulting in the loss of time.

Here is a list of San Diego Family Law Courthouses: 

Court Name Address Phone Number Working Hours Clerk's Name
Central Courthouse
1100 Union St, San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 844-2400
Mon-Fri: 8AM-4PM
Clerk: Emily S.
Madge Bradley Courthouse
1409 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 450-7000
Mon-Fri: 8AM-4PM
Clerk: Michael R.
Family Court
1555 6th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 450-7300
Mon-Fri: 8AM-4PM
Clerk: Sarah W.
Juvenile Courthouse
2851 Meadow Lark Dr, San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 634-1600
Mon-Fri: 8AM-4PM
Clerk: Maria G.
South Bay Courthouse
500 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910
(619) 746-6200
Mon-Fri: 8AM-4PM
Clerk: Michelle L.