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How Much Does an Online Divorce Cost in San Diego?

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The price of getting a divorce online in San Diego depends on a few factors: 1) which online divorce service you use, 2) how complicated your divorce is, 3) if you need extra legal help. But in most cases, getting a divorce online is cheaper than going through the regular divorce process in court, since you don’t have to spend money on lawyers fees.

Here we have outlined some of the main things to think about for the cost of an online divorce are:

  • Online divorce service fees: Most online divorce services charge one flat fee, which can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you decide to proceed with, you will get the complete package for your uncontested divorce for $139.
  • Filing fees: In addition to the online service fee, you’ll have to pay a filing fee when you submit the divorce papers to the court. Filing fees vary by state and county but are usually a couple of hundred dollars.
  • Extras: If you have complicated legal issues or disagreements with your spouse, you may need to get advice from a lawyer, which adds more costs.

So in general, online divorce is a cheaper option for couples with a straightforward divorce situation. But it’s important to carefully look at the fees for each online service and any other costs related to your divorce.