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How Long Does Online Divorce Take in San Diego?

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How long an online divorce will take in San Diego is actually based around this things – like how complicated the divorce is, and how quickly both people respond. In most cases, getting a divorce online is faster than going through the regular divorce process in court, because you don’t have to visit a lawyer and resolve disputes with your spouse regarding child custody, assets, and property division.

Here are the main factors that affect how long an online divorce takes:

  • Divorce Requirements in California: According to the family law of the state, your divorce can’t be final for at least 6 months waiting period.
  • How well you and your spouse cooperate: If you both agree on the terms of the divorce, it can go faster than if you have disagreements that need to be resolved in court with a lawyer.
  • Filling out the required forms: How quickly you and your spouse can prepare and sign all the necessary divorce paperwork needed for filing with a court.

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